Homar has trapped many unique lobster-themed items that would make unique gifts for any occasion. Kitchen utensils,  glasses and mugs, dishes, books, decorative items for the bedroom, living room, or kitchen -- even the bathroom -- all helping to promote the  lobster experience and lifestyle. Click on the Homar's Gift Shop sign below and see what catches your eye.

Meet Homar, our Head Lobster.  As a lobster with artistic flair, Homar takes wonderful photos of beautiful lobsters and the delicious lobster lifestyle. He exhibits a real knack for using these images to create his own lobster-themed items to provide you with unique gifts for any occasion. Click Homar's Custom Gifts below to fish for unique, unexpected gifts for that special someone -- or something just for yourself. Only from Homar.

Homar can help you to cook lobster, find a lobster tail recipe, or make a lobster roll. Search for just the right lobster recipe for your next special occasion with Homar's Lobster Recipe Search. Or, go below and visit  Legal Sea Foods and order up a delicious surprising and delicious lobster treat  for your next special occasion. Homar highly recommends it.


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Call me Homar. I have a lot to offer you besides a great tasting delicacy. I use my artistry to create special designs that I apply to a wide range of quality items that you can give as a great gift for him, gift for her, or gift for that special occasion. So go to my Pod full of unique gift ideas and get your claws on a piece of lobster.